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Hare Preservation Trust

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~ Working for the preservation and welfare of the hare ~

Report A Hare Sighting

young hare
Credit: Andy Fisher

The information on the form below will enable us to build up a knowledge of habitats preferred by hares and will improve our ability to offer land management advice in areas where they are scarce. The form also provides an opportunity to record any persecution of hares which is happening either legally or illegally. Information provided will therefore be treated in strict confidence. The Mammal Society is building an Atlas of where mammal species are and how well they are doing. Please also consider filling in their hare data form (new window). Hares are listed under Brown Hare and Mountain Hare.


Download our hare sighting data form (pdf), or fill in the online form:

First Name
Date of Sighting
Time of Day
Species (Brown, Mountain, Irish)
Location - Nearest Town, County (Grid Reference if possible). All details are helpful, but please state the county
Weather conditions
Number of hares at this location
Dead or Alive
Cause of death (if applicable)
Behaviour (e.g. running, hopping, grazing)
Decription of location, including presence of any farm livestock (e.g. field with long grass and grazing cows, maize field, country land)
Description of surrounding area (e.g. grass fields with hedgerows and grazing sheep
Human habitation (e.g. single cottage nearby, edge of village etc.)
Human intervention (e.g. being hunted, coursed, shot)
Any other comments

Thank you for your time and effort.