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Hare Preservation Trust

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~ Working for the preservation and welfare of the hare ~


brown hare
Credit: John Lynch

The HPT promotes and encourages all types of interest in hares, except their persecution for so called 'sport'. Education is an important part of the HPT ethos. We aim to see constructive enjoyment of hares and other wildlife established as a tradition here in the 21st century. This is consistent with the caring, compassionate society in which we are alleged to be living.

Among our members and supporters we have artists specialising in hares, researchers into hare ecology, journalists, vets, museum curators and many others.

Some of our members specialise in studying specific problems which hares face in a human dominated world. Capture myopathy, for example, is a previously little studied condition related to the effects of stress - to which hares are particularly susceptible. Often arising after prolonged chases or capture, the condition can lead to the death of the animal sooner or later - sometimes after months. HPT member Mike Rendle is taking a special interest in capture myopathy and has published a paper on it.

But whatever our particular interests in hares we all share the view that they are an important part of Britain’s wildlife heritage which everyone has a right to enjoy in the peace and tranquillity of the countryside. We receive many messages from members of the public expressing their thrill at seeing a hare and several have described the experience as "a privilege".

brown hare
Credit: Chris Davies